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26 November 2021

New Single from Chirpy ‘The Gift’


Irish singer Chirpy releases new single ‘The Gift’ produced by Darragh Nolan at Astakalapa - fusing a mixture of hypnotic wave and dream pop, the track takes on a more grand listen with cinematic elements.


‘The Gift’ cycles a journey of forever wanting more and getting caught in waves of delusional infatuation. Sometimes in striving to achieve, we give too much of ourselves and lose our identity.


After a three-year hiatus, Rebecca Shannon (known as Chirpy) is back with a full album of new music. The Gift is an introduction to a series of releases, which her audience can expect to be announced from January 2022. She hopes to release the full album by spring next year. 


Chirpy’s last release (2018) was a self-titled debut album, which received widespread critical acclaim internationally, premiering on Clash Magazine (UK) and leading to a music video collaboration with Canadian arts organisation, Suddenly Dance. (


Last month, Rebecca took on a songwriting challenge from the UK’s short story boutique Quill Kickers( - writing, recording and producing a song with the input of the Quill Kickers community on instagram over a three week period. Check out the project on instagram @quillkickers.


‘After a little break from music, I have been quite busy for the past year on projects, producing and collaborating with other artists, we have another little surprise coming in December so make sure to stay tuned for that too!’ – Chirpy

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